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 photo ©  kevmofoto.com

photo © kevmofoto.com

7 x (400m, 300m)


Set #1: 66.750.3
Set #2: 65.249.7
Set #3: 64.448.6
Set #4: 64.248.4
Set #5: 64.148.4
Set #6: 63.8, 47.6
Set #7: 62.1, 44.3

Recovery: 200m rec jog after each 400m rep. 300m jog after each 300m rep.

Mary Cain — July 12th, 2013


Context & Details 

Without a doubt, 2013 was Mary's finest season to date. She ran 1:59 for 800m, 4:04 for 1500m, and 15:45 for 5,000m (all personal best marks) that year. 

This session was performed a couple weeks after she made the US team in the 1500m for the IAAF World Championships in Moscow. 

I still remember the final set vividly. She blitz 62 seconds for the final 400m as if it were nothing, then made 44 seconds for 300m look easy. It was an impressive sight which left me speechless. 

But what I remember most is her demeanor post-workout on that comfortable Portland summer morning. She was smiling, upbeat, and expressive with pure joy and excitement as if she hadn't just done anything all too remarkable. 

Typically Mary back then. And how I will always remember her.


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