Workout of the Day


300m, 250m, 200m, 150m, 100m

Splits: 38.9, 32.7, 25.3, 18.7, 12.1

Recovery: 6' rec. between each rep

Nathan Fleck — April 24th, 2018


Context & Details 

Running fast is fun, especially for the 800m man such as Nathan, who owns a 1:47 personal best in the event. 

This is a classic speed endurance ladder, one which I use frequently in the preparations of a half-miler. 

Here the aim is start fast and stay fast throughout. The recovery is generous as this is more of a neurological focused session rather than metabolic. What matters most is coordination, rhythm, fluidly, and of course, speed. We can't sprint too well when tired, so wise it is to be fresh, thus the long rest intervals.

On this type of session, I watch closely how the athlete is moving instead of the numbers the stopwatch records.

As I've learned in sprinting, the proficiency of  process has a strong correlation to the time of run. Crisper, more biomechanically sounds movement patterns yield a faster time. It is a simple equation but difficult to achieve. This is where the practice makes permanent principle comes into play.

At first glance the total workout volume may not look like much, but when you add up the time spent sprinting it is about 2 minutes, which is a lot for this type of work. A desired outcome of this workout is to enhance Nathan's sprinting capacity and tolerance to deceleration and discoordination at top end speeds.

Ultimately, the hope here is that regularly performing 2 minutes worth of sprint work in practice aids his quest to run as quick as he can for 1 3/4 minutes uninterrupted.


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Jonathan Marcus