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6 x 1 Mile 

Splits: 4:54, 4:46, 4:46, 4:42, 4:32, 4:18

Recovery: 400m jog recovery

Alberto Salazar — Sept. 20th, 1977


Context & Details 

I have a copy of Alberto's 1977 cross country training log while he was an undergrad at the University of Oregon. It's pretty epic. He averaged roughly 100 miles per week for 10 weeks that fall.

He was coached by Bill Dellinger, who was a brilliant, principled coaching mind, himself coached by famed Bill Bowerman. 

I count Alberto as a mentor, he taught me a lot while I was under his tutelage, but we've since grown apart.

However, when I was a young coach in the early 2010s he graciously allowed me to observe countless workouts by the professional athletes he coached. It was a front-row seat and crash course in world class running and training for which I am forever grateful. 

Below is the week in 1977 from where this workout came, his highest volume 7 day period that fall. It is interesting to note the absence of a traditional long run as well as three workouts performed that particular week.

Sept 19 - 25, 1977 - Alberto Salazar, University of Oregon

110 miles
9/19 M – AM 7.5 miles, PM 8.5 miles
9/20 T – AM 6 miles, PM 2 miles warmup, 6 x 1 mile w/400 jog (4:54, 4:46, 4:46, 4:42, 4:32, 4:18) 3.5 miles
9/21 W – AM 7.5 miles, PM 7.5 miles
9/22 Th – AM 7.5 miles, PM 2 miles, 3 sets 3 x 300m hill (Easy - Medium - Hard), 3.5 miles
9/23 F – AM 7.5 miles, PM 7.5 miles
9/24 Sa – AM 2 mile warmup, 30th Avenue Drill: 1st mile in 5:15, 2nd mile in 5:20, last one 5:20, 14 miles total
9/25 Su – AM 11 miles easy, PM 2 miles with stairs


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