Workout of the Day

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2 x (5 x 200m)


Set #1 — 30.5 30.4 30.2 29.9 / 29.7
Set #2 — 29.2 29.2 29.5 29.2 / 29.6

Recovery: 200m rec after rep, 400m jog after each set.

Emily Infield — July 19th, 2013


Context & Details

Long before she was a global medalist, Emily struggled with her fair share of running related injuries. But her determination is second to none and it warms my heart to see her have achieved as much competitive success as she has. I'm excited to see what she does next on the track, I am certain it will be something special.

However, this workout may not seem all that special, but it was one of her first after a long injury-induced layoff. She was gearing up for the summer North American road race circuit and I was asked to proxy coach for Jerry who was in Europe that summer with other members of his BTC stable.

I believe Jerry had intended to have Emily run as fast as she desired for this session. The only guidance he offered me as proxy was "don't let her get too crazy."

Emily ran well within herself, at least that is what she perceived. I remember she performed these reps sans watch. I'd ask her after every few reps or so how fast she thought she was going. She'd reply somewhere around 33-35 seconds range, while the watch read 29-points.

Afterward, I showed her the splits. She grinned wide, in awe, having surprised herself. Which is typical Emily, surprising everyone more often than not, including herself.


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