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Kristen Rohde of High Performance West Elite. 

Kristen Rohde of High Performance West Elite. 

2 x 4 Mile


4 Mile #1 — 5:45.35:45.9, 5:45.95:42.6 = 22:59
4 Mile #2 — 5:45.25:45.7, 5:42.15:37.8 = 22:52

Recovery: 4 minutes jog

Kristen Rohde — Sept. 23rd, 2015


Context & Details

In the fall of 2015, Kristen was training for the Victoria Half Marathon. 

This session came just over two weeks before the race. It was her final difficult effort and a somewhat mini-test, a quiz really, about whether she was trending towards her target competitive form. 

She was seeking roughly 76 minutes fitness. With the long-distance events, my experience has shown an athlete's fitness two weeks before an event is typically the same come race day. 

The design was to explore how she managed 5:45/mile rhythm for 8 miles total, with a very short break, a 1 : 1/4 work-to-rest ratio, half way. I thought this session would give us an accurate picture of her half marathon readiness without depleting her. Which it did. 

She ran like a clock. However, the most encouraging sign was her last mile where she picked up the speed the final 400m running chopping off 5 seconds. That was the clear signal to me she was capable of competing at 76:00 speeds over 13.1 miles.

Two weeks later, Kristen finished in 76:06, which was roughly a 2.5 minute PR at the time at on a hilly course. She competed with a champion's heart, placing 2nd to a Canadian Olympian.

She had gamed up and went for it, and kept her composure and competitive mindset once victory was out of the cards late in the race. More importantly, she was satisfied with her effort that day. Which I think is something we coaches shouldn't lose sight of: that no matter the outcome, if an athlete is satisfied with the effort they put in, then the racing endeavor should be thought of as a success. 


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