Workout of the Day


3 x (4 x 200m)


Set #1 — 34 / 34 / 34 33
Set #2 — 31 / 31 / 31 31
Set #3 — 34 / 34 / 33 33

Recovery: 60" rec after rep. 400m jog after each set.

Nicole Blood — June 29th, 2007


Context & Details

In the early summer of 2007, Nicole won the 3000m title at USATF Jr. Outdoor Championships and two weeks later she captured the Pan American Jr. Games crown in the event. 

This was her final workout before heading to Brazil where Pan-Ams was contested. It was performed a week before her race.

Nicole has always been blessed with impressive footspeed for a distance runner. This workout from her freshman year at UO affirms it. Her middle set of 200s at 31 with a scant 60 seconds rest is truly world class, especially for an 18-year-old.

Knowing Nicole, I can venture a guess, that she didn't perceive these reps as all too fast, even back then.

Most likely it was the type of day distance runners live for. A day of endless summer in Oregon: warm, but not hot, little wind, lots of sun, and even more excitement skipping around the bends and straights of Hayward Field. A day where the effort wasn't forced and the time recorded was much faster than perceived.

A day, when it was fast and fun. A day, simply, when everything clicked.


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