Workout of the Day


6 x 800m, 4 x 200m


800m — 2:12.2, 2:10.7, 2:08.3, 2:06.7, 2:04.1, 1:59.3
200m — 28.8, 27.5, 26.7, 25.6

Recovery: 70" after each 800m rep. 60" after each 200m rep.

Alan Webb — April 15th, 2008


Context & Details

This workout comes from Alan's springtime preparation for his bid to make the 2008 Olympic team. 

He was fresh off a down week from training the prior week and ramping up for the late Spring racing season and Olympic trials. 

What is worth noting is the recovery or lack thereof. While the workout splits are modest for Alan during this period of his career, the short recovery is what causes an eyebrow to rise.

Essentially, on the repeat 800m segment, he is running 3 miles progressive with a hyper mini-break (only 70 seconds). With that considered, is not an easily manageable session by any means, even in peak form, and let alone in the heart of a heavy preparation cycle.

And his being able to rip at 25" final 200m is a clear sign this workout wasn't too taxing for Alan. Again, impressive, especially for mid-April. 


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