Workout of the Day


1 x 2,000m, 3 x 800m, 3 x 200m 


2K: 5:45
800m: 1:55.5 / 1:53.51:50.1
200m: 27.3 / 25.825.4

Recovery: 3' rest after 2K & 800m reps. 2' rest after 200m reps

Alan Webb — June 15th, 2007


Context & Details 

This was the final legitimate workout Alan ran before winning the USA Outdoor 1500m title in 2007. It came roughly 8 days before the prelims of the meet. He dominated that championship, running a meet record of 3:34. Damn. That is without pacers. Solo. And against America's finest middle distance talent which included Barnard Lagat and Leo Manzano. Remarkable. 

Rather than me geek out on Alan or this workout, it would be best if you listened to this 88-minute podcast Steve Magness and I just released where we interview Alan. He breakdowns down all the details of his training which enabled him to running 3:46 for 1 Mile in 2007. It is good. I think you'll enjoy it. 


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