Workout of the Day

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2 x (7 x 400m)


Set #1: 72.9 / 72.7 / 68.8 71.9 / 71.9 / 71.9 71.4
Set #2: 69.8 / 71.0 / 71.1 71.2 / 71.5 / 70.0 70.6

Recovery: 100m in 45" between reps. 6' between sets

Bianca Martin — April 3rd, 2013


Context & Details 

I worked with Bianca for one outdoor track season in my first year at Portland State, the spring of 2013. She was talented, motivated, and a focused competitor. Bianca had range. To this day she is #2 all-time in the 800m, 1500m, 3000m, and 5,000m at PSU. And she earned runner-up honors at the Big Sky Outdoor conference meet that year in the 1500m. Phew! Impressive.

This session came about a month before the Big Sky Outdoor conference meet. I remember it clearly. Bianca was nervous about it. She wasn't sure if she could run 14 quarters at 72 pace (her goal 3K pace) or faster with only 100m recovery jog per set. It was a tall order. But she nailed it. 

My most memorable part of this workout is she did it 100% solo. As a college senior who was coming into her own, this was a big day. After she accomplished the session, she had an air of confidence about her which wasn't present before. I'm always amazed at how one race or workout can turn the tide for some athletes. And this was that session for Bianca. Over the following 6 weeks she went on a tear, competing for the win and/or PRing in every race she ran. Her collegiate season ended at the NCAA West Regional Championships where she was either 1 or 2 spots away from qualifying to the NCAA National Championships. Oh, so close!

But she left nothing on the table. And as a coach, I couldn't ask for any more than her giving everything she had. 


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Jonathan Marcus