Workout of the Day


8 x 800m + 2 x 400m


800m — 2:16 2:15 / 2:14 / 2:13 2:12 / 2:12 / 2:11 / 2:09
400m — 59.0 59.1 

Recovery: 500m jog after each rep

Shannon Rowbury — Late May, 2016


Context & Details

Shannon needs no introduction, but it is worth noting her many achievements include being a three-time Olympian, two-time World Championships Bronze medalist, six-time United States champion, and American Record Holder at 1500m, 2 miles, and 5000m. 

This session makes one appreciate why she has long been among the best in the world at her craft.

And a wholehearted congratulations to her and her husband, Pablo, who are planning to welcome their first child into the world this summer!


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Jonathan Marcus