Workout of the Day

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4 x 150m, 2 x (3 x 400m)


150m: 19.68 / 19.06 / 18.35 / 18.03
400m Set #1: 54.42 / 59.57 / 59.75
400m Set #2: 53.68 / 59.15 / 58.97

Recovery: 2' between 150m reps. 5' rest after 1st 400m and 90" between 2nd & 3rd 400m. 600m jog between 400m sets

Daniel Herrera — April 5th, 2016


Context & Details 

This is a true speed work session for the miler with many flavors of speed on tap. And this session was Daniel's first speed session on the track of the 2016 outdoor season.

The 150m reps were cutdown in nature. You could call this "controlled speed." Here the aim was to prime the CNS (Central Nervous System), various tissues, and, most importantly, Daniel's frame of mind for the next block of work, the 400m reps — which were the heart of the session. 

The first 400m rep of each set was at 800m pace or critical speed. The 2nd and 3rd 400m reps were at mile speed. You could call this component speed endurance as the rest between the 2nd and 3rd quarters was relatively short. The idea was to introduce and begin to familiar Daniel to what running sub-60 quarter pace felt like when in a somewhat, but not complete, fatigue state (like the middle 800m of a 1 Mile). This is the crucible of the mile where, for many, the race is won or lost. Prepping him for this reality was a key objective during this phase of his training.

Daniel showed promise that day. He compelled himself to run faster as fatigue sharply mounted throughout the workout. And, most importantly, he practiced the unique skill only privy to a miler: ignoring all reason and increasing locomotion despite every fiber in his being yelling at him to stop immediately.

On second thought, perhaps instead of miler, I meant masochist. 


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Jonathan Marcus