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Alan pictured competing at his final Olympic Trials in 2012. (Photo:  Michael Scott )

Alan pictured competing at his final Olympic Trials in 2012. (Photo: Michael Scott)

1 x 1,000m / 6 x 800m / 5 x 200m


1,000m —  2:29.0 
800m — 2:14.3 2:11.6 / 2:09.9 / 2:07.7 2:05.9 / 2:04.5 
200m — 30.5 30.2 / 29.3 / 28.6 27.9

Recovery: 5'  after 1K, 2.5' between 800m reps, 45" between 200m reps

Alan Webb  — Feb. 1st, 2005


Context & Details

In 2005 Alan set the American Record in the 2 Mile at the Prefontaine Classic. The build up to this AR was impressive. What strikes me most is this build up was incredibly consistent. He didn't get sick or hurt. There were few days of training missed. In reading his logs you could tell he was a man on a mission. 

I can only comment on this session from a distance, as I have no relation to it. But I like it. I might employ a similar construct with the athletes I coach if this design fits with their progression. 

Starting the session with a sub-2:30 1K is no easy ask. I imagine it was to create a certain degree of fatigue in Webb before the bulk of the session. The smoothness which Alan cutdown the 800m is the mark of pro. As well as the control of increasing speeds expressed on the 200m set. 

All in all, this is not a crazy or over the top session at radical volumes or speeds for Alan at the time. Just another outing of solid work in a continuous series of days, weeks, and months which readied him to break a few records, win some championships, and inspire many. 


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