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Andy Wheating pictured winning the 2015 Portland Track Festival High Performance 1500m. 

Andy Wheating pictured winning the 2015 Portland Track Festival High Performance 1500m. 

3 x 1 Mile + 5 x 300m


1 Mile reps —  5:03 / 4:55 4:45
300m — 46 / 44 43 42 40

Recovery: 400m jog after each rep

Andrew Wheating — Jan. 18th, 2010


Context & Details 

In late July of 2010, Wheating ran what would become the 5th fastest 1500m ever by an American, 3:30.90. This session was a snippet of his build up to that. 

His training during the first three months of 2010 was choppy. He was dealing with inconsistent calf and shin pain and surely flirting with a stress fracture. This workout came during a steady few weeks of training. 

It looks like a cutdown of aerobic strength and relative speed. I won't conjecture as to why the session was what it was. You'd have to ask Vin Lananna, Wheating's coach at the time. But I will offer some of my own takeaways.

Andy wasn't a high mileage guy in college, only amassing 40 - 50 mile weeks. He was a true middle distance runner. On the track is where he shined, running mileage he loathed. It is apparent by the comments in his log. He ran 42 miles that week, and the quality of work in this session was nearly 10% of his weekly running volume. That is interesting. 

It should be noted in mid-January he was running 42 and 40 for 300m, that is the equivalent of 56, 53 seconds for 400m. Plenty fast.

The speed of the 300m reps juxtaposes the less than impressive times for the 1 Mile cutdown reps. I am taking the liberty to guess these are at a controlled tempo pace for Andy, but perhaps not. I can't tell. But if my hypothesis is accurate, then this is good reinforcement that not all early season aerobic based work needs to be super voluminous and/or intense to be effective. Sometimes a little bit of volume goes a long way, especially for a middle distance runner like Andy. 


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