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Daniel Herrera (bib 69) engages a very capable field at the 2017 Medtronic Twin Cities 1 Mile Road Race where he placed 2nd.

Daniel Herrera (bib 69) engages a very capable field at the 2017 Medtronic Twin Cities 1 Mile Road Race where he placed 2nd.

1,000m Breakdowns

 2 x 1K / 500m, 300m, 200m / 1 x 1K / 2 x (500m, 300m, 200m) / 1 x 1K / 1 x 500m, 300m, 200m


  • 2 x 1K — 2:52, 2:54
  • 500/300/200 — 1:15.1 / 42.4 / 28.9
  • 1K — 2:55
  • 2 x 500/300/200 — 1:15.8 / 44.4 / 29.1 / 1:14.8 / 43.8 / 29.2
  • 1K — 2:55
  • 500/300/200 — 1:16.7 / 43.926.4

Recovery: 400m in 3'-4' after 1K rep / distance of upcoming rep in 500m, 300m, 200m breakdown sets

Daniel Herrera — December 22nd, 2017


Context & Details

The construct of this session was originally shared with me by now USATF President Vin Lananna. One Kilometer breakdowns was a favorite of his dating back to his highly successful Stanford days where he coached a large stable of NCAA champions on The Farm. 

I like the design because it is versatile. By swinging between steady 1Ks and 1Ks broken into 500m/300m/200m segments (thus the "breakdown" moniker) it affords a potent mixture of Specific Stamina effort (what many call "VO2 Max"— I don't use the term) at 3K - 5K pace effort and Specific Speed (1 Mile to 400m race pace ). You can manipulate the alternations between 1K and 5/3/2 however you like, so there is structure yet creativity afforded. 

For milers I coach, this is a bread and butter workout employed regularly (once every 7th or 8th workout) in the preparation and/or early season training program. When performed a handful of times in early season to success, it sets the stage nicely for the more intense, cubical sessions the miler will meet come later in the season. Again, lots of bang for your buck with this session. It deserves a longer treatment to fully unpack and appreciate. But I won't do so now.

You'll notice Daniel did this workout last week. His fitness is coming back into form after a well deserved and planned break from the 2017 season, and he's now gearing up for the 2018 indoor season. I'd say he is getting fit, but not national/world class race fit, yet. Every week though he moves the needle closer in his favor. 

The paces are modest for him (14:30 5K pace for the 1Ks, and 4:00 1 Mile pace for the 500m, 800m pace for the 300m, and a "gentle" 400m pace for the 200m rep). But make no mistake, the session was an honest day's work for Daniel, but you can see he had some fun with it, popping a 26.4 on the final 200m rep. He left the session well run and feeling accomplished. Which was the intended state. 

With his first indoor race 3 weeks away, he is pleased where he is at but is out there every day going to work to better his condition, just as many runners before him have done and many after him will do.


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