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Jose Macias (left) shares a laugh with collegiate teammate Jay (right). 

Jose Macias (left) shares a laugh with collegiate teammate Jay (right). 

3,000m TT + 4 x 800m @ 10K


  • 3000m — 8:51.21
  • 800m — 2:31.35, 2:32.01, 2:34.58, 2:32.65

Recovery: 8:00 after 3K & 2:00 after 800m reps

Jose Macias — June 7th, 2015


Context & Details 

Jose Macias was at the end of his freshman year at Portland State at the time of this session. He was a 1500m guy in high school who quickly moved up to the 10,000m — his true calling.

This workout marked one week from his final attempt to qualify for the 2015 USATF Junior (U-20) Outdoor Championships in the 10K. He needed to run sub-32:00 in the upcoming race. His best mark going in was 32:57. But first, an effort was necessary to resharpen his race focus (he hadn't competed in nearly a month). "Time to get in shape!" as Rob Conner would say. 

Enter 7 1/2 laps of honest running.

I like 3K Time Trials. They are instant offense. Tough but not overtaxing. I've found athletes from high school age up to the professional ranks bounce back quickly (2 - 4 days) and get a big confidence boost from a well run 3,000m time trial. Plus the duration of running is not too long, so a little more work of benefit can be done safely for the seasoned athletes.

The 4 x 800m reps at goal 10K pace with short rest were included to provide him with a little taste of how the final 5K of his upcoming 25 lap race would feel. That hurt was going to be new territory, but I wanted to afford him some familiarity. He needed to know it would be no walk in the park.

The next week, Jose ran the entire 10,000m race solo. No rabbits. He poured everything he had into the performance, earning a new personal best and a Junior National qualifying mark of 31:57.  Two weeks later he ran an intelligent, gutsy race to place 6th the USATF Jr. Championships. 


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