Process, Process, Process

2015 NYC Marathon, Meb comforting a defeated Yuki | photo ©

2015 NYC Marathon, Meb comforting a defeated Yuki | photo ©

What does it mean to Trust The Process?

First, it means finding and investing in sincere, dedicated persons.

Famed coach to Olympic champions Percy Cerutty wrote,

"I do not seek champions. I cleave to 'triers' who are sincere. The 'lesser' trying to become more appeals to me more than the 'arrived' wishing to go further."

Second, Trusting The Process is an understanding about what is most important is the overcoming of difficult challenges, not the shallow enjoyment of success. 

Cerutty elaborates,

"The quicker and more spectacular the rise and the early success, the more likelihood that the success will be short lived. The converse of this is that the longer it takes the dedicated person to succeed — the greater the set-backs and difficulties before the eventual 'breakthrough' to a real success, a top success, an ultimate and world recognized success, maybe — the greater the meaning will the success have, and the greater development of the personality of such a successful person."

Therefore, the secret to Trusting The Process is to not endeavor for the promise of success, but for the certainty of development which is bound to happen to people invested in the journey.


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Jonathan Marcus