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About Soft People

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There is a famous remark from the late University of Oregon Track & Field coach Bill Bowerman, "There is no such thing as bad weather — just soft people."

You can count on bad weather. It always happens. And repeatedly so, typically at the most inopportune times. 

Despite the dependability of bad weather, most prepare for only perfect conditions. And when the adversities of life strike, soft people find themselves ill-equipped to respond well to difficult circumstances. 

It is the wise participant, having readied for conditions good or bad, who triumphs. 

Take Desi Linden's epic 2018 Boston Marathon victory. She wasn't the fastest, fittest, or most accomplished in the field. She was, however, hardened and well calloused for trying conditions. 

Don't compromise your preparations by readying for only perfect scenarios. Instead, take the sure bet that hardships, trials, tribulations, and tough situations will be encountered. 

And to the surprise of others — including yourself — you'll thrive in bad weather, rather than wilt. 


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Jonathan Marcus