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  McKayla Fricker , #63 | photo ©  kevmofoto.com

McKayla Fricker, #63 | photo © kevmofoto.com

Why are the great sportspersons so much better than their contemporaries?

One word: Intensity. 

Often, it is an overlooked quality all supreme competitors share. 

Many obsess about the workouts, diets, lifestyle, equipment, etc. of the best athletes. Focusing solely on those superficial specifics misses the mark. The foundation of stellar achievement is a rarefied air of intensity.

Intensity is what separates the champions from the wannabes. The winners from the losers. And never-was from never-forgot. It is the essence of any difficult achievement. 

My favorite definitions of intensity: 

  • marked by or expressive of great zeal, energy, determination, or concentration
  • exhibiting strong feeling or earnestness of purpose 

Before embarking on a journey towards attaining a difficult goal, the tough question any contender must ask is, "Do I have the intensity required to see this task through all the way to the end?"

The answer typically defines the outcome. 


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Jonathan Marcus