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Famed author of Moneyball and the Undoing project, Michael Lewis, published a little, off the radar book titled Coach in 2005

It is a quick, delightful read. 

My favorite passage comes on page 82 where he unpacks key takeaways from his baseball coach in the midst of a 1-12 losing season: 

We listen to the man because he had something to tell us, and us alone. Not how to play baseball, though he did that better than anyone. Not how to win, though winning was wonderful. Not even how to sacrifice. He was teaching us something far more important: how to cope with the two greatest enemies of a life well-lived, fear and failure. To make the lesson stick, he made sure we encountered enough of both. What he knew...was that we'd never conquer the weakness within ourselves. We'd never drive the worst of ourselves away for good. We'd never win. The only glory to be had would be in the quality of the struggle. 


Thanks for reading. I'm glad you're here. // jm 

Jonathan Marcus