Excitement is Correct

1:16:06 half-marathoner and HPW Elite athlete,  Kristen Rohde .

1:16:06 half-marathoner and HPW Elite athlete, Kristen Rohde.

So what is a correct story? 

I'd offer the promise of excitement. 

The promise of a new day must spur your enthusiasm. Excitement for the art which you need to create. When you are excited about what you are preparing for, then all will fall into place as desired.

However, if you are merely trying to keep up or hold the pace set by others, you will not have much fun and fail miserably. That I can promise. 

We each have a choice. Do we opt to fuel ourselves with a narrative of hope, creation, and triumph or do we try to please others, fit in, and play it safe, and in the process get nowhere?

I encourage the former as the steps taken on that path lead towards the fruition of the interesting new outcomes rather than a continuation on the relentless treadmill of insecurity. 


Thanks for reading. I'm glad you're here. // jm 

Jonathan Marcus