Kevin Hanson and Rainy Days

Coach Kevin Hanson of the Michigan based  Brooks Hansons  Olympic Development distance team.

Coach Kevin Hanson of the Michigan based Brooks Hansons Olympic Development distance team.

Recently, I was privileged to speak with Kevin Hanson, half of the brain trust behind the Brooks Hansons Olympic Development distance team which saw Desi Linden claim victory and Shadrack Biwott earn a bronze at the epic 2018 Boston Marathon. 

He's one of the smartest coaches I know. I always learn several things when conversing with him.

Our dialogue touched on a variety of topics coaches often talk about: training, athletes, coaching colleagues, the interworkings of the running industry, etc. 

With me being from Oregon and he from Michigan, inevitably our conversation turned to the weather. And specifically, the rain. But it wasn't the discourse you'd think.

"Oh, now when it rains, I smile," he told me. "I used to hate rainy practice days, the wet, cold, it was miserable. But you know, now I love rainy days — it reminds me of the Boston Marathon, and one of my fondest coaching memories ever."

It goes to show perspective truly is everything.  


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Jonathan Marcus