Are You Serious or Curious?

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There are two types of athletes. The serious. And the curious. 

Most fall into the latter category as sadly, few are truly serious. 

There is a sharp difference and it is important to recognize it and call it out. 

Those who are curious are not bad people, merely undecided. Because they are undecided they will shy away when the going gets tough. They have excuses ready for failures and miss learning opportunities. They will self-sabotage, won't show up, and abandon their efforts in the challenging, critical moments. They will always "get 'em next time," as they allow "this time" to slip away over and over again.

Whereas the serious person is a truly committed individual who will go to the ends of the earth to manifest their greatness. They're all in. No matter what. They mean business. No price is too great. They seek knowledge and insight from the best because they see themselves as becoming their best. They are willing to invest however much in themselves and their endeavors. They're concerned about how to level up and elevate their craft. They're sharply focused on getting better at getting better. Anything else is simply noise and distraction. 

The serious person cannot be stopped, only delayed. They know their destination and exactly where they wish to go. And they will get there, eventually.

While the curious person mistakes activity for achievement, spending a lifetime participating in busy work without any legitimate progress. Without a definitive decision about where to go, they choose the most convenient road available to them and because of it end up arriving nowhere. 

Therefore, a useful question to ask yourself and those you choose to surround yourself is:

Are you serious or merely curious? 


Thanks for reading. I'm glad you're here. // jm 

Jonathan Marcus