An Open Letter of Thanks to Desi Linden

Originally  penned April 16th, 2017 , this open letter rings evermore true today.

Originally penned April 16th, 2017, this open letter rings evermore true today.

Dear Desi, 

You are everything that is right with American distance running. 
Thank you. 

You are humble. 
You have guts. 
You don’t hide.   
You show up. 
You do the work. 
You take full ownership of your outcomes.

No pity parties. 
No entitlement. 
No hype.
Tough as nails. 
Mile after mile. Rep after rep.
You work to better yourself. 
Knowing is it your burden - alone - to bear.
Undeterred by adversity. 
Composed under pressure. 
A consummate professional. 
And a competitor, to the bitter end. 

I don’t see you posing on Instagram much.
Or many updates on Facebook. 
Nor incessant tweeting.
You are intent on the efforts to master your craft.
And too busy to be concerned with childish games.

What I do see is grit, boldness, and courage.
The promise of something special when you take the line. 
Truly making your actions it’s own moment in time. 

I hope the next generation is watching closely. 
I hope they are taking notes. 
For you carry the American Distance running sprit, 
Which many before you wrote.

On Patriots Day my your feet be swift.
Spirits high.
Mind Clear.
And have many places to put The Tired whilst you run.

Know a passionate, loyal, & enthusiastic nation of die hards are cheering you on.
And may you cross the finish line “Boston Strong.”


Thanks for reading. I'm glad you're here. // jm 

Jonathan Marcus