Own Your Running

HPW Elite 2-minute 800m performer,  McKayla Fricker .

HPW Elite 2-minute 800m performer, McKayla Fricker.

Take full ownership of your running, every single element of it. Don’t wait. Start today. 

Own each 400m rep. Every mile ran. Hill Climbed. Race won. Standard set. 

But too own each contest lost. Every injury incurred. And workout abandoned.

Own your spikes, training shoes, shorts, shirts. Get them dirty, smelly, creased, and crinkled. Live in them. Infuse in them the character of work, a fashionable look only earned by doing.

Own how you move. Where your foot contacts the ground each stride, how your arms swing, where you look, and the tension in your face when the competition gets tough. 

When races do end well, enjoy the brief moment of glory, share the success with your team, thank your supports, and deflect the fame - it isn't meant for you personally, only whoever happens to be the winner. Instead, own fully the work done and yet to do by reinvesting in it. Go back to the track, refine your craft, deeply master the nuances, keep seeking improvement, and never stop being a student of the sport.

When failures result, own it 100%. Hold only yourself to account for your actions and lack thereof. Don’t blame the preparation, coach, conditions, or competition. Instead, own all limitations, distractions, and misconceptions which manifested the outcome. Don’t get mad, pouty, pissy, depressed, frustrated, or combative.  Move on and get better.

Once you own your running, the bad as much as the good, the areas of deficiency as much as competency, all the DNFs equally as all the victories, your feet will start to take you to new places once thought impossible. 

And then, no matter the circumstance, you’ll get the utmost out of every step — each long run, workout or race, win, lose or draw — resulting in a treasure chest of rich experiences and fond memories of yours to enjoy until the end of days.


Thanks for reading. I'm glad you're here. // jm 

Jonathan Marcus