The Maverick Plays A Different Game

We tend to gravitate toward systems and processes that can continuously replicate the desired outcome. It is scientific we say. It is stable. It will work. However, adherence to the status quo can be a dangerous activity. Here the messiness of creation and birth is forgotten; lost. The agenda too corporatized, sterilize all things reinforced. 

Art is unpredictable, complex, and important work deeply intertwined with failure - which affords a priceless knowledge.

Our missteps are the crucible where growth and learning reside. Without them we will stagnate, decay. 

By opting out of the lethargy induced by obedience to the status quo, we are rejecting the idea that things are static and exist as they are. It is the pioneer who advances culture and civilization, not the middle manager.

The desires of petty materialism distract us from the beautiful finitude of our rapidly decreasing hours of life. 

Go, I encourage you. Create rather than conform. Invest in deep work rather than another meeting. Most importantly, put yourself out on a limb.

The maverick plays a different game. One worth playing because it honors the severity of the stakes - the merit of a life lived. 


Thanks for reading. I'm glad you're here. // jm 

Jonathan Marcus