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Old Science vs. New Science

 HPW Elite 800m ace,  McKayla Fricker .

HPW Elite 800m ace, McKayla Fricker.

Old science deconstructs a universe by examining individual parts, adherence to rigid laws, and understanding simple forces which on the surface seem indisputable. The systems and thinking are linear: change is proportional to the inputs. The systems are predictable. All is very cut and dry. 

New science is ambiguous. Everything is connected and entangled. Systems are nonlinear and unpredictable, experiencing sudden and abrupt changes. Small changes can have large impact while large events may result in little or no change. Systems of adaptation are understood to be complex and must be studied through a holistic lens. One cannot inspect individual parts in isolation because the behavior of a truly integrated system is much more than the sum of those independent parts.

Old Science was concerned with understanding the laws of being. 

New Science is concerned with the laws of becoming.


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*NOTE: This entry was heavily influenced by Robert G. Hangstrom's book, INVESTING: The Last Liberal Art

Jonathan Marcus