How Winners Think About Championship Meets

McKayla Fricker  winning the 2015 Adrian Martinez Classic Women's 800m. Photo:  Michael   Scott .

McKayla Fricker winning the 2015 Adrian Martinez Classic Women's 800m. Photo: Michael Scott.

Indoor Track & Field Championship season is upon us. It is my favorite time of year, save, of course, Outdoor championship season. 

I've been participating in the sport of track & field for 20+ years, previously as an athlete and now as a coach. And in that time I've noticed champions have a different perspective regarding championship meets than the rest of the pack. 

Simply, winners see championship meets as an exciting opportunity to compete against a good field. Nothing more.

The champion loves racing. They thrive in the competitive moment when everything is on the line and it counts. They feel at home and a sense of normalcy. They aren't worried or stressed because the stakes are high. No, that is what makes it fun.

They know at championships everyone is at their best. No one is "training through" the meet. Winners thrive in those circumstances. They look forward to it. Embrace it. And get really excited about it. To winners, championship meets are like Christmas. Every race is a gift, the more the better.

Why are they so excited? Not because they are certain they will win, but they're certain every competitor will bring their best. And that is why they do the sport. Not for the hope of a "fast time," but for an opportunity to win something that matters against their peers. 

So get excited, it is championship season, the best time of the year!


Thanks for reading. I'm glad you're here. // jm 

Jonathan Marcus