Chinese Bamboo Tree

HPW Elite 800m specialist McKayla Fricker (#297).

HPW Elite 800m specialist McKayla Fricker (#297).

There is a species of bamboo tree from China which has a peculiar growth pattern. 

The first year you plant, water, and cultivate the Chinese Bamboo Tree seed, nothing happens. In year 2, with continued watering and cultivation, still nothing happens. And in Years 3 and 4, still nothing. It isn't until the fifth year that the Chinese bamboo tree finally sprouts. And then it matures in six weeks growing to 90 feet tall. If you do the math that is 2 inches a day after a four year delay.

The lesson here is to keep the faith in your chosen path. Visible headway can be slow to materialize. But keep after it.

I define faith as belief in the absence of proof. In sport and life, you need a healthy amount of it to succeed. 

Growth is never easy. Progress zigs and zags. Set backs are magnificent learning tools if we have the clarity to extract the learnings they afford us. Triumph is a product of the ability to translate failure into extraordinary achievement.

Yes, this process can be frustrating and unrewarding at times. But a poor race performance, an aborted workout, unplanned injury or illness should not be cause for you to second guess your trajectory. My impulse is to reflect, deliberate, and then double down. Invest extra, sharpen the focus. And get better. 

Remarkable outcomes take time. It could take weeks, months, or even years. But if you keep the faith and continue to water and fertilize your dream, it will come to fruition, just like the Chinese Bamboo Tree. 


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Jonathan Marcus