Run Run Run — Language of Training

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There is a book which I believe is required reading for all distance running coaches: Run Run Run by Fred Wilt. I think it is the first book a young coach should read. However, I didn't read it until my 4th year coaching because it is hard to get. My mistake. It is worth the time and money spent tracking down, as reading it instantly made me a better coach. I cherish my copy and refer to it often.

Before reading Run Run Run, I made a lot of silly coaching blunders out of ignorance. The knowledge Wilt offers would have saved my athletes and me in those early years from many dead ends. 

The final section of the book I think is the most important. It is called "Language of Training." And is a simple but thorough review of training terminology. 

Establishing a precise understanding of the language used in training is essential for coaches and athletes alike. It makes communication more fluid and potent. Wilt did an outstanding job of codifying the lexicon in 1964. We needn't get cute and try to reinvent the wheel. I deem it best to embrace what is already there and correct, come to know it well and share it liberally so we can all be on the same page. 

I'll leave you with Wilt's still accurate definition of Training:

Training involves a series of physical activities deliberately planned and carried out and a mental attitude deliberately cultivated for the purpose of increasing efficiency in running and racing.


Thanks for reading. I'm glad you're here. // jm 

Jonathan Marcus