Distance Runners And Kobe Bryant

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My guilty pleasure is reading biographies of NBA superstars from the 1970s to 2000s. In my youth, I was a big fan. But not so much today, as the NBA and its players have morphed into a culture of celebrity and entertainment rather than competition and gamesmanship. 

Kobe Bryant was the last NBA superstar who intrigued me. I respected his work ethic and detailed approach. But not his suspect off the court choices.

I recently finished his biography, Showboat. As a NBA geek, I found it an engaging read. 

Bryant was famous for playing through many debilitating injuries throughout his career. On page 189 he justifies, "The moment is bigger than the injury. You don't feel the pain."

Now, replace the word injury with pain/discomfort/fatigue and every distance runner can relate.

How many times has the fatigue in the final stages of race robbed you of the moment? My guess is far too often. 

Those who repeatedly triumph don't let distractions ruin the moment. They know what matters most. Working through their discomfort to create a moment which will turn into a memory, which will turn into lasting a lifetime.


Thanks for reading. I'm glad you're here. // jm

Jonathan Marcus