A Useful Reminder From The Book Conscious Coaching

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I read Conscious Coaching by respected strength & conditioning coach Brett Bartholomew in one sitting. It is a gem of treatise. Honest. Vulnerable. Generous. 

Brett self published it and I am glad he did. The book's aesthetics are not fancy, nor need to be. Brett has something to say and that is what counts. He chose to focus exclusively on content not packaging. He is a man who practices what he preaches. 

On page 144 he wisely reminds us, 

"There are a lot of things that don't matter in sport. If you pay attention to those things you will get lost...learn how to tune them out and instead focus on what matters, you'll be much better off.

His message hits home. I've lost my way a few times paying attention to things that didn't matter. There are a lot of distractions out there. And it is hard to know what matters and what does not. Understanding the difference requires a refined acumen. 

Two methods to improve your discernment:

  1. Read Brett's book — it is good. 
  2. Practice your craft.

There is no better teacher than experience. You'll fail. Get lost. And confused. Just as I did and sometimes still do. But by having to create solutions in real time, when the stakes are high and you own your choice, you'll be forced to act, observe, reflect, learn, grow and get better. This is what matters.

And by taking this path, as Brett reminds, you'll be much better off.

Thank you for reading. It is an honor. // jm

Jonathan Marcus