Speed Endurance for 800m

1:47 half-miler and Utah St. graduate Clay Lambourne.

1:47 half-miler and Utah St. graduate Clay Lambourne.

3 x (150m, 300m, 150m)


Set #1 — 18.14, 39.10, 17.82

Set #2 — 18.29, 41.00, 19.42

Set #3 — 18.54, 41.04, 19.46

Recovery | 2' between reps + 7’ - 9’ between sets

Performed by Clay Lambourne on Jan.29.2019

Context & Details 

Speed Endurance is an important quality for the half-miler. In order to be competitive on the track, the 800m athlete must be subjected to regular speed endurance workloads through their preparation.

I’ve found once every 4th - 5th workout works well. Specifically, Clay saw a Speed Endurance themed workout every 8 - 10 days during his 2018/2019 winter training program for the indoor season.

For the physiologically minded/curious crowd, below is one of the better definitions I’ve come across detailing Speed Endurance:

Speed Endurance is the ability to prolong the amount of time where a near maximal speed can be maintained. During activity such as this, accumulation of blood lactate disturbs the excitation-contraction coupling and cross-bridge formation. The muscle's mechanical properties are disturbed, resulting in a decrease in force production, peak force and velocity. Speed Endurance training can improve the clearance rate of lactate and reduce early lactate formation. Speed Endurance is crucial to a multitude of athletes and a lack of it will result in reduced sports capability.


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