Workout of the Day


3 x 150m, 4 x 200m, 3 x 200m


150m: 22.5 - 22.0
200m Set #1: 28.4, 29.5, 29.4, 29.2
200m Set #1: 26.6, 27.4, 25.8

Recovery: n/a

Maggie Vessey — Early July, 2009


Context & Details 

This is another one from the early days of Flotrack workout videos.  

Ryan Fenton tagged along with Maggie for a pre-race workout before she competed at the Paris Golden League meeting. She had already won the Pre Classic, the US Champs and Rome 800m that year and was having a breakout season after a disappointing 2008 year which saw her fail to make the Olympic team. 

She would go on to run 1:57, her lifetime best, at Monaco in late July, weeks after this session.

You can watch the video here.

It is low budget and gritty footage by today's standards, but the content is authentic with a sincere dialogue between Ryan and Maggie, filled with a few priceless gems. 

I hope you're enjoying (re)visiting these vintage Flotrack.org workout videos as much as I did. 


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