Thoughts On Winning Time

1980s era road racing legends who knew a thing or two about Winning Time.

1980s era road racing legends who knew a thing or two about Winning Time.

At a certain point in every contest Winning Time starts.

Often this comes at a critical moment in the final stages. Athletes are fatigued, the score is close, and the outcome still in doubt.

This is when winners come alive. Every moment which proceeds this junction is merely a formality. Now is their time. Now is Winning Time.

Many practice to be physically prepared, but few practice to be mentally ready when Winning Time starts. Doing so demands updating our relationship with risk.

Frank Dick explains: “Winners take the risk of winning because they know there is no such thing as a risk of losing.” Like many truths, it's counterintuitive and correct.

If you opt not to risk going for the win, defeat is certain. 

If you half heartily make an attempt to win, defeat is certain. 

Only when you are committed to taking a risk to win do give yourself a chance to win. 

“Winners make the choice of committing their energy, talents and passion to seeking and seeing a winning advantage every moment, both in the contest and in preparation for it,” says Dick.

Winners still meet unfavorable results. And that’s OK. Winners gain for having pursued victory, even if the immediate outcome is defeat. As Veron Law reminds, “Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterward.’’

The lessons learned from failures are invaluable. They force us to upgrade ourselves. A loss yesterday becomes a victory today when we enter Winning Time again and decide to take the risk of winning instead of settling for taking no risks at all.

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Jonathan Marcus