*LATE REGISTRATION* Scholar Supreme | Season #1

*LATE REGISTRATION* Scholar Supreme | Season #1


* Late registration is now in effect through 3/15 *


The Supreme Scholarship Program is an in-depth seminar learning experience delivered online over 50 days. It will teach you, inspire you and make you a better coach. In as little as 15 minutes a day, you can learn to make a bigger impact. 

Our first Season is February 26th - April 17th, with a sharp focus on coaching competitive athletes (ages 14 & up) in the 800m through10,000m events during the Outdoor Track & Field season. 

Only 25 spots are available. Reserve yours today.

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High Performance West Scholar Supreme Program Syllabus 

Section 1: The History of Distance Running Training (Day 2 - Day 10)

  • Natural Selection of Endurance Training
  • The battle between volume and intensity.
  • The Influencers: The coaches who have shaped training
  • A deep dive into Bowerman, Cerutty, Igloi, and others who have left their mark on training

Section 2: The Recent Evolution of Training (Day 11 - Day 19)

  • How have events changed?
  • The distance might be the same, but how the events are run has shifted from the days of Lydiard.
  • What’s new in training and what’s on the horizon?

Section 3: The 10,000 foot view: Principles and Heuristics of Training (Day 20 - Day 25)

  • What actually matters?
  • Periodization & Planning: What can a coaches training plan look like in the modern era?

Section 4: Zoomed In: The Art and Science of Writing Workouts (Day 26 - 34)

  • The details: workout types and styles from 800m to 10,000m.
  • How to progress event specific workouts from out-of-season to in-season to championships.

Section 5: Troubleshooting (Day 35 - 41)

  • The coaches decision tree — how do we solve problems.
  • When to throw away the plan and when to stick to it.
  • Shooting from the Hip: Making adjustments on the fly.

Section 6: Are You Ready to Race? (Day 42 - 47)

  • The difference between training to train and training to race.
  • What are the psychological requirements for each distance?
  • Preparing athletes to go to battle.

Section 7: The Q and A (Day 48 - 50)

  • Solving Problems: A discussion on issues that you have faced as a coach.
  • Here, we will set up a live classroom chat, where we will go over the concepts covered, but also want to discuss problems that you have faced as a coach. Our goal is to not only offer you solutions, but to problem solve as a group.