HPW Polymath

HPW Polymath


The HPW Polymath Membership combines the access afforded both the HPW Scholar + HPW Team memberships rolled into one at a generous discount.

 At $36/month you get an all-access pass to exclusive content aimed at both the HPW Scholar and HPW Team Athlete which is not available freely on the High Performance Website.

HPW Polymath Program perks start within 48 hours after you sign up.

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The HPW Polymath will enjoy the combination of perks offered to the HPW Scholar and Team Athlete: 

  • Bi-Weekly HPW Scholar Newsletter with the latest insights, books, research articles, and tools related to the science, craft, and art of running and coaching. 
  • In-depth articles on topics related to the Science & Art of coaching and running
  • Monthly HPW Scholar Q & A’s sessions
  • Mini-Podcast episodes on specific coaching Xs & Os only available to HPW Scholars
  • Comprehensive Training Excerpts of HPW ELITE athletes past and present
  • $15 discount to all HPW Workshops 
  • 25% discount on all HPW products (books, soft goods, etc.)
  • HPW Team throwback t-shirt (available starting February 3rd)
  • Access to 3-month outline of training progressions for 5K, 10K, 1/2 Marathon, Marathon race distances 
  • Social Media Race Day Callouts
  • Monthly HPW Athlete Newsletter with useful training tips, resources, insights from HPW Elite Athletes and Coaches