On Coaching Podcast | # 64: Recovery During Workouts

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This weeks episode is all about recovery!

No, not ice baths, protein, compression boots, and all of that jazz, but on how much recovery time should you take during workouts? Should I take three minutes between my mile repeats or four? Jogging or standing? How about some exercises in between?

We delve into our own models for determining the appropriate recovery times and styles for each workout. In this episode you’ll learn how we judge when an athlete is ready to go for the next repeat, why we sometimes insert moderate 100’s or 200’s in the middle of a workout to increase recovery, why your ability as a coach to predict when an athlete will hit their breaking point might be the most important thing for determining recoveries, and so much more.

We hope you enjoy our dive into the minute details on recovery intervals. Thank you | jm + SM

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Resources Mentioned:

Run, Run, Run by Fred Wilt

A Scientific Approach to Distance Running by Bernie Dare

The Science of Winning by Jan Olbrecht

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