HPW Scholar

High Performance West Scholar 

This membership option is designed for the coach, from rookie to veteran, who is seeking to learn and get better at their craft.

We offer two grade of scholarship. Discover which is best for you.


This is HPW's entry level of affiliation — and most important. It is for the coach, from rookie to veteran, who is seeking to get better. 

Scholars will enjoy exclusive content & perks unavailable freely on the HPW website. You'll get first access to game changing knowledge that you can put to use immediately.  

Nothing like this exists. It's good. Trust us. You'll learn a lot. And be able to make a better impact with your work because of it.

Interested? Check out a Sample Issue of our Scholar Program.

Scholar Monthly Membership

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Scholar Supreme Seminar

Supreme means the highest, and that what a Supreme Scholar is about — pursuing information, knowledge, and wisdom which will propel them to their highest peak. 

The Supreme Scholarship Program is an in-depth seminar learning experience delivered online over 50 days. It will teach you, inspire you and make you a better coach. In as little as 15 minutes every day, you can learn to make a bigger impact.

Our first Season is February 26th - April 17th , with a sharp focus on coaching competitive athletes (ages 14 & up) in the 800m through 10,000m events during the Outdoor Track & Field season. 

We'll cover a wide spectrum of training elements including the science, art, psychological of training as well as specific aspects including workout design, training progressions, cross-training protocols, useful drills, strength & conditioning, plyometrics, peaking, champion racing, race day tactics & strategies, plus much more. 

This is an intensive education unlike anything else. Only 25 spots are offered the first season. More information will be available starting February 8th

Supreme Scholar Season #1

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