HPW Athlete

High Performance West Athlete 

This membership option is designed for the athlete, from novice to world class, who is seeking to elevate their performance.

We offer three grades of athlete affilation. Discover which is best for you.

HPW Team 

HPW Team members will be a part of the club, get the inside scoop, and be able to connect with HPW ELITE athletes. You'll be a part of a global performance community which can share in your race day success and personal benchmarks as you pursue your highest expression of competitive excellence. 

As a HPW Team member you get a HPW throwback t-shirt, steep discounts to HPW goodies, 3 month outline of training progressions for 5K, 10K, 1/2 Marathon, Marathon races depending on how many hours per week your lifestyle affords you to run/train.

Additionally, HPW Team member will enjoy exclusive content, perks, and training tips unavailable freely on the HPW website. 

HPW Team Annual Membership



Staying true to our roots, High Performance West is forever committed to developing emerging elite middle distance and distance runners in the 800m — Marathon into world class performers. 

Coaching is offered to elite athletes worldwide — our Elite roster includes athletes from U.S.A, Canada, Mexico, Haiti, & Great Britain. 

Elite Athletes are welcomed on a rolling basis. Please familiarize yourself with the HPW Elite Athlete Standards. To join as an High Performance West Elite Athlete please express your interest by filling out the ELITE INQUIRIES form below. 

HPW ELITE Membership

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