What is High Performance West? 

People. Performance. Education.

What is High Performance West for?

Supplying a quality, generous contribution to enrich the performance community.

Who is High Performance West for?

You. And those like you, who care about performance. 

About High Performance West

High Performance West was founded in 2015 to develop national caliber track & field athletes into world class performers. Today HPW evolved to welcome anyone who seeks useful information, direction, and inspiration to help them perform at their highest level. 

High Performance West is a transdisciplinary resource devoted to assisting you progress to higher levels of performance. HPW.com is an education platform designed to help you get better by creating useful opportunities for you to learn, connect, and interact with high performers.

High Performance West offers 3 membership options: SCHOLAR, ATHLETE, and POLYMATH.

SCHOLAR: This membership option is designed for the coach, from rookie to veteran, who is seeking to learn and get better at their craft. Discover more about the two types of HPW SCHOLAR MEMBERSHIP.

ATHLETE: Our offering of inclusion for the athlete looking to elevate their performance. At HPW, we define a high performance athlete as anyone who is committed to the process of discovering their highest level of competitive excellence. You can be new athlete starting from scratch or a seasoned pro aiming to compete on the global stage. We're here to support you. Find out the different types of HPW ATHLETE MEMBERSHIP.

POLYMATH: This is our hybrid membership option which combines the offerings of both scholar and athlete. This was designed for competitors who coach or coaches who compete. Here you get the education offered to scholars and the training guidance offered to athletes so you can raise your bar at both pursuits concurrently. Learn more about becoming a HPW POLYMATH.

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HPW Elite Coaching

Staying true to our roots, High Performance West is forever committed to developing emerging elite middle distance and distance runners in the 800m — Marathon into world class performers. 

Coaching is offered to elite athletes worldwide — our Elite roster includes athletes from U.S.A, Canada, Mexico, Haiti, & Great Britain. 

New athlete inquiries are always welcome. 

HPW Elite Coaches 

Jonathan Marcus | Steve Magness

marks must be achieved within 24 months from time of consideration

The High Performance West website covers a spectrum of ideas related to the pursuits of high performance. We offer original content in the form of essays, podcasts, videos, opinions, interviews, blogging, performance previews & recaps, and more. There is much to be learned by sharing liberally and that is why a considerable amount of our content is available at no cost — and always will be. And it is in that spirit why we offer links to outside content of repute which contributes to the discovery of high performance. 

Additionally, HPW designs and hosts curated libraries and reading lists of useful works. As you will notice, the majority of content is positioned from an athletic orientation with specific attention to coaching/teaching principles & practices, first hand accounts of high performing athletes, their practice, process, and achievements, as well as educational tools, aids, outlines, and programs designed for you to employ in your practice at your discretion.

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, USA and under the direction of founder and Director Jonathan Marcus, High Performance West operates around the globe with the specific aim of building an inclusive community of high performers aiming to refine their craft through education, connection, and exchange.