J.Mar's BLOG

Hell Yes!

Too often the obligation to fulfill the myriad of outside requests becomes the main course of our days. And it should not. 

There is a simple remedy to this plight: Choose the HELL YES! or no, thanks approach. 

If you are feeling anything less than "Oh, hell yes, I would love to do that! That would be amazing!" simply say no, thanks.  

By over committing to an endless sea of little mediocre duties we are allowing our days to be hijacked by busy work. This creates a world where everyone is so incredibly busy and at a loss for time and energy. Rather, busy is simply code for not being in control of your life. For not having boundaries and a clear sense of purpose. For not having the guts to say HELL YES! or no, thanks. 

Don't be busy. Chose instead to be passionate, be connected, be creative, be amazing.

Jonathan Marcus