J.Mar's BLOG

The Impact of Noise

There is pure, valuable information which leads to rational and correct action and then there is noise. 

Noise is a derivative of chaos. It a relative of rumor and hearsay. The product of miscalculations. The packaging of bad information with a hint of comfort. Much of what is out there is noise, leading to confusion and further escalating the noise level. 

How can we combat and silence the noise? By possessing a deep understanding of your craft's fundamentals you can rightly observe when presented information is inline or out of step with the intrinsic value of your pursuit. 

Noise disrupts the natural harmony because it is litter. The landscape should be pristine and clear of refuse but today there is more rubbish than we care to acknowledge.  Do yourself and your friends a favor, don't consume the noise - in fact, do your part and help clean up by discarding any noise which you find. We will all be better off for your efforts. 

Jonathan Marcus