J.Mar's BLOG

Market Forces

A deep understanding of the forces at play is paramount to sustainable excellence. Mistakes most often occur because of confusion. Missteps happen when the picture is incomplete. If we don't understand something there is at best a 50/50 chance the advantageous choice will be made. 

Only the undeniable critical forces are influences of merit. When those come to light, elements of interference fade into darkness. Sharpen your gaze to see the definition clearly and if it holds truth. The sunk cost fallacy warns that further investments do not recoup previous losses. The remedy is a restart coupled with deeper understanding.

Preparation is long, tedious, unglamorous, but unequivocally essential. It is away from the marketplace and the distractions of the mundane where one's authentic force is cultivated. 

Go then, prepare well and become an honorable force in the market. 

Jonathan Marcus