What is High Performance West? 

Culture. Community. A resource. A catalog. An education. 

What is High Performance West for?

To supply a quality, generous contribution to enrich the performance community.

Who is High Performance West for?

You. And those like you, who care about high performance. 

About High Performance West

High Performance West is a transdisciplinary resource devoted to assisting you progress to higher levels of performance. 

High Performance West was founded in 2015 to develop national caliber track & field athletes into world class performers. It has since has evolved to welcome coaches, creatives, artists, teachers, therapists, executives, public servants, enthusiasts, and anyone who seeks useful information to help them perform at their highest level. 

High Performance West has several degrees of affiliation, discover which one is right for you.


The Professional shows up everyday, does whatever work is needed to do job until it is finished, and is committed to the long haul. For the Profession the stakes are high and real. Do you self-identify as a Professional? If so, the HPW Professional affiliation is for you.  As a HPW Professional you will be privileged to a steady stream of varied assets to aid your progress of ascent to very highest levels of your craft. Such resources can include, but not limited to, one-on-one bespoke coaching/mentorship, curated reading lists, quality podcasts, cutting edge research articles, and more. This affiliation is for the performer who is already in the Top 10% of their field, seeking to move to the Top 1%.  

* IMPORTANT NOTE: The Professional affiliation is not for the faint of heart or the undisciplined — meaning, it is not for everyone, and that is OK. This journey will be demanding. Intense. Relentless. It's expensive. You have to make a significant investment of your resources, time, energy, money, etc. A 6 month minimum is required. And there are 10 spots available per six month season. But if you choose to take this path you will be changed; significantly and for the better.  You'll make superior choices. You'll choose success. The Professionals who are the most successful decide they are going to be the most successful. They make that choice. Success is only a choice. And we'll teach you how to make that choice consistently and without hesitation. 

Complete details regarding the process of joining HPW as a Professional can be found HERE starting January 5th, 2018.


The Up & Comer shows promise. They are in the ballpark of higher levels of craft — close, almost there. But they know something is missing. In the trenches day-to-day, they're doing good work,  and see encouraging, but inconsistent progress. The Up & Comer senses a need for a refined direction, information, and inspiration to overcome obstacles and set backs. Just a little help. But they are unsure who to ask for guidance. If this is you, we're here for you. We can help.

The HPW Up & Comer identifies as being in the Top 1/3 in their field. They are on the path of mastery, exploring and discovering with a zest and passion as they work to close their gaps in skills, knowledge, and wisdom. With the correct tools, resources, and encouragement the Up & Comer will find there perfromance abilities drastically transformed for the better. 

Complete details regarding the process of joining HPW as an Up & Comer can be found HERE starting January 5th, 2018.


This is HPW's entry level of affiliation — and our most important. This offering is designed to be inclusive of all performers working on their proficiency of craft  with an eye on ascending to the upper echelon. HPW Enthusiasts come from a variety of backgrounds and self-identify as being on the path of self-discovery towards their highest performing self. Enthusiasts will enjoy exclusive content & perks unavailable freely on the HPW website. You'll be in the club. On the inside. Privy to viewing as a fly on the wall a firsthand look at how World Class Professions prepare to perform at the highest levels. Nothing like this exists. It's good. Trust us. You'll learn a lot. See a lot. And be able to your learnings directly to your own profit.  

Complete details regarding the process of joining HPW as a Enthusiasts can be found HERE starting January 5th, 2018.


As a sometimes or daily visitor to hpw.com, jmarpdx.net, scienceofrunning.com, Magness & Marcus On Coaching Podcast, or the High Performance Podcast, we consider you a friend with whom we are privileged to share our ideas, insights, experience, and journey. No sign up or formal affiliation necessary. Simply keep showing up when you want and apply what you're expose to however you fancy. Thank you for being awesome, friend!

The High Performance West website covers an intellectual spectrum of ideas related to the pursuits of high performance. We offer original content in the form of essays, podcasts, videos, opinions, interviews, blogging, performance previews & recaps, and more. There is much to be learned by sharing liberally and that is why a considerable amount of our content is available at no cost. And it is in that spirit why we offer links to outside content of repute which contributes to the discovery of high performance.  Additionally, HPW designs and hosts curated libraries and reading lists of useful works. As you will notice, the majority of content is positioned from an athletic orientation with specific attention to coaching/teaching principles & practices, first hand accounts of high performing athletes, their practice, process, and achievements,  as well as educational tools, aids, outlines, and programs designed for you to employ in your practice at your discretion.

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, USA and under the direction of founder and Director Jonathan Marcus, High Performance West operates around the globe with the specific aim of building an inclusive community of high performers aiming to refine their craft through education, action, reflection, and exchange.